Google is the undisputed king of search engines. Over the years, people have invested in changing its algorithm in order to cater to better results for its users. And because of this, advertisers loved Google as well. There’s news that Google indeed made some updates in their algorithm according to different websites. What should you be expecting this time around?

So what were the changes that these websites noticed? According to reports, Google’s algorithm may have been looking closely at the page titles and the keyword density in these titles. Now, what if your website has been affected? Should you panic or should be making changes now?

According to experts, it is always a good idea to observe first. The changes may roll out in weeks. It means that you will have to wait and see what are the possible effects in your rankings. Next, you have to wait for around two weeks before you even do the necessary changes in your SEO strategies.

Though it is always a good idea to invest in high-quality content, there are those suspecting that it isn’t exactly what Google is looking for these days. It is possible that Google is looking for relevance. This way, they can cater better results to people using their search engine.